In The Media

The Irish Sun - Sunday March 25 2012

Should I get my dog insured?....I've a dog and he's been sick twice in the last year. The vet bills were massive. Is it worth getting pet insurance?

Irish Daily Mirror - Wednesday March 23 2011

Pet owners are choosing to put down their animals due to cost of treatment, research claimed yesterday. The study has shown 80% of vets have had an owner decline treatment due to the bills involved.

Sunday Independent - Sunday March 20 2011

Now, wouldn't it be great if you could train your pooch to really go for Angela Merkel or that Sarkozy twerp. A savage Celtic beast coming out of the mist to nip away at their ankles.

Sunday Independent - Sunday November 28 2010

What would happen if someone chucked your prize moggie into a wheelie bin or something worse? The vet bills could be huge. Cover for a one-year-old pedigree moggie.

Sunday Independent - Sunday October 03 2010

Do they send cats to the Blackrock Clinic? They certainly should with the prices vets are charging. Some form of insurance can help to pay the bonkers veterinary fees. Or you could try feeding it a bit of grass. Cover for a one-year-old pedigree pussy cat. There's an extra bit of value as is offering 10 per cent off today.